From Foal To Finish Line™: Breeding

The ability to know the potential of a horse before he goes to the breeding shed, is of utmost importance.

To determine that potential, Classic Champion Thoroughbreds, LLC has created the Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile® software which analyzes the breeding influences in the five-generation pedigree.

The profile software assigns each horse a numerical score and grade ranking which is the indicator of that horse’s potential. The higher the score, the more potential that horse has in becoming a quality stakes winner or classic champion.

Some highlights of the Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile® include:

  • It unlocks the secret of the Ancestral Herd influence.
  • It is a valuable analytical tool that shows horse owners and breeders how a mare can upgrade or downgrade a stallion she is bred to through the profile score of the foal from that mating. The foal should preferably a higher score than the stallion and at the least the same score of the stallion.
  • It shows if the foal has the potential to be a quality stakes horse or classic champion.
  • It shows horse owners how their entire herd of bloodstock can be upgraded by using the profile score to help them make the best breeding decisions resulting in less overbreeding and fewer potential equine welfare issues.

Like an intricate puzzle, the pedigree contains many secrets of what champions are made of and everything one needs to know about the horse, from the physical conformational characteristics to the emotional and behavioral traits, can be found in the pedigree if one knows the families, Ancestral Herd that formed the foal.

In addition to the Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile®, a Behavior Index has also been created and it measures the potential behavior of the horse. It allows some horses with low profile scores, grades to potentially be moved up in ranking.

The Behavior Index is especially important in breeding as it shows that some hypothetical foals with low profile scores can potentially be moved up in ranking and have successful racing careers.

The Behavior Index allows some horses that have low profile scores to be competitive up to nine furlongs and only a select few can go on to win races at the classic 10-furlong distance.

For example, Outwork has a low E grade ranking but his Behavior Index indicated that he could be competitive in the nine-furlong 2016 Wood Memorial Stakes (G1). Indeed, Outwork went on to win the Wood, however, in the Kentucky Derby (G1) his grade ranking had him ranked sixteenth and he finished fourteenth.

From foal to finish line™, the Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile® is a proven analytical tool you need for breeding, purchasing at auction and racing equine champions: