Classic Champion Thoroughbreds

Calvin L. Carter is an Ancestral Herd pedigree analyst and the owner of Classic Champion Thoroughbreds LLC, a bloodstock consulting firm dedicated to helping clients take the guesswork out of buying and breeding Thoroughbreds.

Calvin also is the creator of the Tesio Index™, Ancestral Herd Index® and the Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile® which is a robust software analytical tool he uses to determine the classic potential of young horses.

His study of pedigrees and the late Federico Tesio, a world-renowned owner, breeder and trainer of Thoroughbred racehorses has had a dramatic impact on how Calvin determines if a young colt has the potential to be a Classic Champion Thoroughbred.

Calvin’s knowledge of pedigrees and the Ancestral Herd has helped him pick the classic champions California Chrome, Orb, I’ll Have Another, Animal Kingdom, Pour Moi, Super Saver, Lookin at Lucky and Summer Bird.

Calvin is also a blogger, freelance writer and co-author of Horse Profiling, The Secret to Motivating Equine Athletes, which is published by Trafalgar Square Books in the United States and J.A. Allen in the United Kingdom. In addition, Calvin has written several articles for The Horse Player Magazine and he’s an accomplished poet, editor, printing and publishing consultant.