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Horse Profiling

The Secret to Motivating Equine Athletes - By Kerry Thomas with Calvin L. Carter

"This is an ingenious book and long overdue. I could not put it down. As a trainer of dressage horses through Grand Prix, I have studied with many 'masters' of dressage including Herbert Rehbein, Conrad Schumacher to name a few. The horse as an individual, the conformation, temperament and breeding was always emphasized to me to be a key to determining the training of any horse. This book takes that knowledge a giant leap and bound further for all equestrians. The work contained within this text is without question an absolute 'must know' for all horseman. Even better, the knowledge this book provides will, without question save the lives of horses, as they will not be discarded and thrown away for training issues or broken down due to misunderstanding. Many of those 'issues' will just never occur, as horsemen discover the best way to train and handle each horse as an individual. Serious kudos to Trafalgar Square Books for publishing this wonderful title, and to Kerry Thomas and Calvin Carter, what can I say - except a heartfelt thank you. All of my students will be receiving this book as their holiday gift this year." - Please note: This is a copyrighted review and may only be published elsewhere with credit clearly denoted as ", The International Equestrian Shop."

"I have read and re-read, and am still re-reading this amazing book! For me it was an illumination of what I had already figured out about my own horses and then it became so, so much more! I want to know even more!! I think the Thomas Herding Technique (THT) is something that can benefit each and every horse and horseperson out there!! A must read for all those who want to "figure out" their own horses and help them reach their potential in any discipline." - Aniis (

"So just how does one discern whether or not a horse has a trainable mind? By watching them, of course. [Kerry] Thomas clarifies, "To understand any species, means to understand the environment in which they are geared to live." And this is what Thomas spent several years doing, while he was out studying wild herds in Wyoming and Montana. What he learned about how horses manage space and react to stimuli, offers a window into their emotional world. These patterns of behavior, Thomas explains, then translate into physical patterns of motion.

"What this means to the equine therapy world is that the way horses manage space within a herd is very telling in terms of the emotional make-up of the horse. For those who work with horses, namely equine therapists and the horse experts they often work alongside, much of their education should involve watching horses in their natural environment - in the herd, that is.

"For the thoroughbred racing world, what Thomas brings is a fascinating resource. Simply by watching a young thoroughbred with his herd mates, or even in a race, this seasoned horseman can often predict the outcome on the track. And those whose money rests on the determination and grit of the sleek performance machine that is a thoroughbred racehorse, may just want to bet their money with Thomas. After all, he predicted Animal Kingdom's Kentucky Derby win after simply watching a video replay of his past races." - Claire Dorotik, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (

"As a long-time horse racing fan and horseplayer, I found the book to be both interesting and a valuable new handicapping tool! We tend to forget Emotional Conformation and Herd Dynamics when handicapping races. Why do certain horses hang? Why are others, such as Zenyatta, able to move through a field so easily? With only a small number of foals/runners in his first crop, why has Hat Trick already sired two graded/group stakes winners? You will get a much better understanding as to the answers of these questions after reading Horse Profiling!" - Alan Levitt (